Review: “Right Now” by HAIM

My favorite band is back, it’s cool.  I am cool do not freak out.

By Claire Nunez
Opinions Co-Editor

HAIM IS BACK!  The soft rock band, famous for both being related (they’re all super cool sisters) and very musically talented, posted a new song on their YouTube channel, called “Right Now”.  The group announced yesterday that they will release another album after a four year hiatus.  For a mega fan like me, this is SUPER EXCITING, but then I heard the song.

I think that if you wait four years to release another album, everyone has all of these great expectations for what it should be.  The first release of “Right Now” is a teaser for the rest of the album.  It is an acoustic version, I assume of the song, but really I have no idea.  It is really good and features the same strong bass that their first EP, Forever featured on pretty much every song.  There is a lot of drummin’ in there and it really gives the song a more dancey vibe.  I dig it on a surface level.  It is amazing, but it isn’t anything different from their past songs.

The song is really good and is kinda sad considering it is about a breakup, I think.  I mean, all of HAIM’s songs are about a breakup on the surface and at this point it is a little repetitive. I like HAIM a lot because they’re amazing, but I hope their next album isn’t as breakup-y and it is a bit different, but we shall see soon, hopefully.

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