Student Protesters Barred From Campus

Michael Jack O’Brien

Features and List Editor

At least four student protesters who participated in yesterday’s demonstrations have been suspended from housing for the duration of Spring Weekend, with one student suspended from campus indefinitely until further notice.

These reprimands come after protesters attempted to enter an unlocked Cunniffe House entrance in order to demand that Father McShane make a statement regarding the recent administration plans to block the contingent faculty unionization processes.

Above: screenshot detailing disciplinary penalties for one of the protesters

Speaking under condition of anonymity, the students received emails from Dean Rodgers this afternoon which stated that they had violated the school’s code of conduct for demonstrations and protests, and directed them to leave campus immediately. Resident Assistants were reportedly dispatched to escort the students out of the residence halls.

Screenshots provided to the paper list the “appropriate interim measures” the administration is taking, including “Interim Suspension from Housing and Access Restriction” preventing students from entering the campus and from participating in Spring Weekend events. One student received a full “Suspension of Privileges,” disallowing them from using any University space not explicitly related to their academic program. This suspension applies to all university campuses and includes “residential, recreational, extracurricular activity-related, and other non-academic spaces on campus.”

While it is confirmed that at least five students have been asked to leave school premises, at least 14 additional students involved in the demonstrations have also received emails from the administration banning them from Spring Weekend events and warning them that any further violations of University policies may result in further action, up to and including interim suspension from the University.

University policies state that any and all plans for demonstration and protest must be pre-approved by the Dean of Students prior to the date of the event, this includes a specific itinerary for the demonstration and an allotted time period in which the demonstration can take place. Public Safety officers were taken by surprise yesterday as students attempted to occupy Cunniffe house, and rushed to block students from entering the building.     

In a statement published on Facebook, Fordham Students United stated that the students were “forced to vacate their dorms despite not being officially charged with any violation of policy.” The student group called the administration’s measure “a gross violation of due process.”

4 thoughts

  1. By not blacking out the timestamp from when the email was sent Dean Rogers can figure out which student screenshot the message and passed it along. Multiple emails were sent, each at their own time since they had to be personalized with the names and addresses of each individual student. If you are protecting the student by blocking out their name and address you should also protect them from administration by blocking out the timestamp.

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