Felix Colgrave’s “Double King” Rules

Animated short delves into monarch madness…

by Meredith Mclaughlin

Copy Editor

2D animation is honestly one of my favorite mediums on this earth. I don’t know if it’s because I watched a ton of cartoons as a kid but there’s something about animation that fascinates me. I just can’t get over how each second can have twenty-four fully detailed drawings in it, especially since it takes me about eight years to finish one drawing. There are a ton of really good animated shorts on Youtube, but recently I came across one that really blew my socks off.

Felix Colgrave is a popular animator on Youtube; some of my favorites from him are “The Elephant’s Garden” and a music video he animated for the band Fever the Ghost called “SOURCE.” However, “Double King,” his most recent animation, has to be his best work yet.  This short took him two years to make, and his hard work shines through the short. Going through his channel you can see how Colgrave’s art evolved over time. He gets more and more surreal with his work, and it’s clear in “Double King” that he really has a handle on his bizarre style. It’s hard to describe the plot of “Double King,” but the film follows this little cloaked king hunting down other monarchs to take their crowns. To quote the description of the video, it’s “a film about love and regicide.” We follow this protagonist through a colorful and bizarre world as he desperately tries to increase his crown count. “Double King” manages to bring us through the mind of a king gone mad without any dialogue. Why watch Breaking Bad when you can get the rise and fall of an egomaniac in only ten minutes? However where “Double King” really shines is through its animation. The character designs of Colgrave are wacky and unique; they feel like a combination of 30’s cartoon style and Dali paintings. Everything moves fluidly, which is sometimes more than can be said about animations produced by large companies. There’s a great sequence where the protagonist is in a bed of plants, and the plants start shifting until the protagonist is lost in this moving Persian rug-like garden. If you decide to watch it (which you should) also keep an eye out for this flag at the top of the king’s castle. It’s just… so good you guys. This flag moves so mesmerizingly that I would pay for a five minute video of just that flag with chill music. Speaking of music, “Double King” has a pretty jammin’ soundtrack.   Colgrave, a modern renaissance man, also composed the music for the film. The music fits the film like a glove, and honestly I wouldn’t mind wearing that glove.  Overall, “Double King” is a mini masterpiece. I’d suggest it to anyone who’s into animation or short films. However “Double King” takes multiple viewings to really appreciate. It’s one of those things where you watch it once without getting it, but you also feel compelled to watch it again.

If you’re really into animation like I am, Youtube is a pretty decent spot to look for good films. Take a break from watching “Popular Youtuber X and Popular Youtuber Y Play Sims” to check out some of the animations online, because they deserve all the support they can get. Animation takes a ton of time and effort, and I just want to see people give it the attention it deserves. Please check “Double King” out, because it might be the gateway animation into a whole new world of art.

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