Wow! What a Wild Ride: A Look at this Academic Year and the News

And boy, do we have some things to say. This year was something.

By Claire Nunez
Opinions Co-Editor


Think back to this past academic year and everything that has happened. There are probably a lot of hazy, Friday nights, dinners in the caf, and hopefully, some interesting class discussions. Oh right, and how could anyone forget literally anything else that has happened? To be completely frank, I, an avid news consumer and editor of this fine publication, have forgotten a lot of the events that have happened this year both on and off campus.

News articles are constantly churned up and spit out at us for our personal media consumption. I can’t remember everything that has happened this year (no one can), but a lot of the important occurrences have just been erased. My co-editor and I had to do some real deep digging to find out the big stories from this past summer and the academic year. Like hey, remember the Summer Olympics in Rio this summer and the fake scandal involving some divers? Yeah, I do now. I also completely forgot about Cuba and the U.S. defining the relationship a bit more. So many awful things happened and most of my fellow peers don’t even remember them happening. I can’t even define them, they are just things that will be in a history book someday. The refugee crisis? Yup, it will just be a paragraph in the chapter on the 2010s.

What was not forgotten you media heathen? Uh, the election. This filled the paper’s pages and all of our social media feeds. Really, a day did not pass without someone condemning Trump or getting angry about Clinton’s emails on Facebook. Bigger media conglomerates than the paper have placed most of their attention on degrading Trump or tearing apart Clinton for a distasteful pantsuit. So much shade was thrown on these two individuals while SO MANY more important and horrible events were occurring. Anything with Syria or any kind of human suffering for that matter, was pretty much overlooked. I found only certain people were interested. Discussing the importance of fostering change in refugee camps is usually banned at most campus dinner tables.
As a generation, most of us really only care about the news when it is about something as sensational as this past election. So many people came out of the political activist woodwork when Trump announced his run. The media played into the anger of us youngin’s by just publishing so. many. stories. about him and scandals involving him. The media has babied us and gave us what we needed to be emotional about an election. the paper was even affected by this blatant indulgence. Almost every issue featured a ton of news and opinions pieces on the election. These were the more trafficked articles on our website too. A lot has happened, and Trump is all that we care about? Sad!

Even on Fordham’s own campus, the USG election overshadowed a lot of the news regarding the vote of no confidence in Father McShane and all of the stuff going down with the adjuncts. Really, I feel like all of my Facebook friends were just concerned with the sensational aspect of this USG executive election. I have a feeling more people were talking about USG than even know what the acronym stands for. Every club meeting, all of the group chats, the hallways, were just shitting on one candidate or the other. I actually heard someone outside of my room asking his friend if my roommate and I supported one candidate over the other. His friend replied, “no, they like all of the [other candidates’] Facebook posts.” Like, what? Why do they care? This is how petty people got about this USG election when they really should have been involving themselves in what is going on with the Iron Triangle of Fordham, the president, the Board of Trustees, and the Faculty Senate.

I do understand that those who are in power are representative of the bodies they represent and it is important to care about who they are, but we shouldn’t spend as much time sensationalizing politicians. We spend so much time distracted in the emotions that the media evokes from us. So much has happened in the world and most of us, myself included, are just chillin’ reading and writing the things that will cause some kind of hysteria. I used to hate publishing Opinions pieces on Trump, because it was just too much. There are so many pressing topics that can be written about that are just brushed over. I just think that we should take a step back and realize what is really the most important.


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