the damage report: April 25th, 2017

Welcome to the paper’s Damage Report!

In order to keep up to date with current events, we decided to start this biweekly feature, in which we present short, concise explanations of major topics that have occurred that week in the news. As well, we will link to other articles that will provide further information, as well as other articles we believe coincide with the story. This feature will be published every Tuesday – Friday.

Your News Editors,
Nick & Rachel


Trump’s Focus on North Korea Increases

Tensions are continuing to rise between the Trump Administration and North Korea. On Monday, while addressing the United Nations, President Trump called on the Security Council to have new sanctions placed on North Korea over concern that North Korea plans on testing out another nuclear bomb on Tuesday. Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, stated that the US will not strike unless given a proper reason to strike, citing especially if North Korea conducts another Nuclear test. She also praised the Chinese President for his actions in limiting North Korea. Later on Monday, Trump discussed North Korea with various leaders of Asian countries, including China and Japan. The Chinese President begged the president to show restraint in dealing with North Korea. The Japanese Prime Minister told President Trump that Japanese ships were in route to link up with the American vessels heading to Korea. As well, President Trump called an irregular emergency meeting of all 100 senators. This meeting involves many top leaders of his staff, as the administration will brief the entire senate on the North Korea situation. The meeting starts at 3PM on Tuesday.

Entire US Senate to go to White House for North Korea briefing – Reuters


Arkansas Executes Two Inmates on the Same Day

On Monday, the state of Arkansas has executed two men who were found guilty of murder and rape. This marks the first time in 17 years that a state has carried out two executions at the same time. The two men were Marcer Williams and Jack Jones. Both of these men’s appels were shot down by the Supreme Court.  This is a part of a developing story, as Arkansas is planning on executing seven people in the month of April. Since capital punishment was legalized in 1976, this many executions have never happened in the same amount of time. Many have crititicized this move, and the Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, saying that they are rushing these executions when they should not have been.

Arkansas Executions: State Kills Two Death Row Inmates in One Night – NBC News
Why is Arkansas Rushing to Execute Seven People? – The New Yorker


Obama Returns to Public Light  in Seminar at University of Chicago

Former President Obama has broken his long silence since departing from his presidential position. In his hometown of Chicago, he gave a 90 minute seminar to a crowd at the University of Chicago, where he has previously taught law.  However, many were dissapointed to find that the former President stayed away from criticizing Trump, even refusing to mention his name, since the current President himself has continunosly criticized and even accused President Obama of wrongdoing. This move was done intentionally, as President Obama is most likely be following what his predecessor had done, and stay away from criticizing the current administration. At the same time, couritng direct confrontation with the current president is most likely a bad move for President Obama to make.  In lieu of this, President Obama used this seminar to both inspire and inform young people on running for office. This falls in line with part of his message in his farewell speech in which he encouraged the youth to become more civically involved.

Obama Steps Back Into Public Life, Trying to Avoid One Word: Trump – The New York Times


March on Science Stands for Facts Across the World

On Saturday, in countries across the world, people joined in the March for Science, a demonstration made to promote factual research and scientific facts. The main protest occurred in Washington DC, where many were gathered around the National Mall. This protest is in response to the government’s, including the current president’s, increasingly and worrisome aversion to listening to scientific facts.  This includes global warming, an issue which many legislators have called made up. While, it seems that the march is directly intended to target President Trump and the Republicans, the organizers wanted the protest to be non-partisan. However, many of the speakers and protestors attacked President Trump personally over various issues. This demonstration was considered to be a huge success, hopefully making a statement that the scientific community has been trying to express.

Every continent, and one Time Lord, turned out for the March for Science – The Washington Post

Nick Peters, News Co-Editor

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