Girls’ Sixth Season Delivers Disappointment

Can its last two episodes save the series?

By Claire Nunez

Opinions Co-Editor

Anyone that knows me at all knows that I love the show Girls, not only because it is hilarious but also because it scares me.  I don’t want to end up like any of the characters of that show, but I cannot keep myself from watching.  I am obsessed.  My profile picture on Facebook is me cropped into the season 6 poster.

Speaking of season 6, I am utterly disappointed.   This season is undeniably Hannah-centric, so pretty much every episode has Lena Dunham in it.  I personally love Dunham– but only for her art.  She is a pretty controversial figure in the real world; no one should ever say they wish they had an abortion essentially for the sake of having a story to tell.  Anyway, this season is way too centered on Dunham’s character.

Something really big happens for Hannah and it is really confusing for her, I won’t spoil; but at the same time, I want to see Shoshanna’s story arc dragged out more.  Hannah is dealing with something that will seriously change her life and she may have to put her dream on hold, but that doesn’t mean the other characters don’t exist anymore.  They haven’t all suddenly moved away.  Marnie is still dealing with the dramatic divorce that has been occurring since season 5 and I don’t know, I’d like to see what happens with her and her really awful husband. Maybe, Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham can do that for us? Yeah, probably not.

There are like so many loose ends and I am nervous to see how they are all going to tie together.  I kind of hope that they aren’t tied up all nicely because life doesn’t tie everything together, ya feel? I just want to see the other main characters’ stories developed to a point that I know they’re doing something.  Like, what is Shosh even doing? She has a big power job, but other than that, where is she living? What is she wearing?  All I know is that Hannah is alive and working.  The show is called Girls not Hannah’s Life.  I just need to see what the rest of them are up to.

I feel like Lena Dunham may have gotten so caught up in what she wanted her character to do, that she and the other writers lost sight of what the show is really about: female bonds in a time of confusion, growth, and discovery.  The most important aspect of Girls, at least to me, is the bonds that the women have with each other and themselves.  At this point in season 6, we are only seeing the personal growth of the characters.  It seems as though the bonds between the women are deteriorating.  Maybe this is what Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner had in mind while they were writing this season.  It is just the way the few instances of dialogue are done.  They are so brief and abrupt.  The audience is left thinking, “what? Where did she even come from? Wait, where did she go?”  It is just confusing.

Honestly, as much as I love Girls, I am utterly disappointed with the way this season is coming together.  As the final season, I was hoping that I would not be able to wait for the next episode, but I find myself not caring at all.  I just hope the last two episodes can really bring it together or at least show us how the relationships have changed.  Like, seriously, get it together…I need to know if Jessa and Hannah are ever going to be friends again!

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