Review: ‘Restoration of an American Idol’ by Taylor Bennett

by Josh Rosen

For all of you plebs out there, Taylor Bennett is a rap artist most notable for being Chance the Rapper’s younger brother. Slowly trying to break away from this notoriety, Taylor Bennett released his best project to date with Restoration Of An American Idol, his fourth mixtape. Most songs feature a soft beat with quick verses from Taylor, much like his previous releases. Also like his previous releases, the mixtape features some bangers. The last three songs are harder, so just skip to these if that’s what you’re looking for, especially “Neon Lights” feat. Supa Bwe and Lil Yatchy. Taylor’s verses are pretty impressive and are often accompanied by vocals. The mixtape as a whole reminds me a lot of Chance the Rapper’s early work.

The mixtape primarily about Taylor’s life, where he is, and what he’s doing. If you are looking for some crazy theme or deep meaning in album or its tracks, you’ll have to scour the lyrics of the songs. Similar content can be found in most any rap album. but I still stand by Restoration Of An American Idol. What it lacks in depth it makes up for by sounding exponentially better than said similar content. I actually like all the songs he has on the mixtape. Basically, if you like early Chance the Rapper, you should check out Taylor Bennett on SoundCloud.



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