Review: ‘More Life’ by Drake

by Emma Chioke

Last weekend Drake released More Life, an album he terms a “playlist.” Objectively speaking, I can say that this album might just be one of his best so far. It is nothing like the dull and uninspiring sounds of his previous album Views, and I commend him for that. Drake’s new album is so great because it doesn’t know what the hell it wants to be. It can’t be described by a specific genre or musical type because it draws influence from so many countries and musical genres. It is a composite flow of undeniable South London grime, Nigerian undertones, and comical Patois accents.

This album has a more global outreach than his previous ones because features like Skepta, Giggs aka Mayor of South London, and Stormzy have allowed him to stretch his fan base, particularly across UK borders, much to the chagrin of his American fans who cannot relate to UK grime music or its artistes. His use of UK slangs like “wasteman,” “skeng,” “side ting,” and “gyalchester” infuriated his American fan base because they now feel disconnected. To create a balance, he features some of the more mainstream American artists like Kanye, PartyNextDoor, Quavo, and Young Thug.

Drake’s new album and perchance for UK culture and music have made him the butt of many jokes on social media. Some people
describe him as a “walking culture studies module” but despite these bare chides, we all love Drake and the great music he gives us. More Life to him.



2 thoughts

  1. I don’t expect to see KRE this season at all. Wasn’t it a last minute decision not to kill him off, and only because they really liked him, and wanted to keep it open ended IF they could find a way to bring him back?   0 likes

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