Review: ‘Hot Thoughts’ by Spoon

by John Looby

Spoon’s Hot Thoughts was arguably one of the best records I bought and it would have been the best if I hadn’t bought reissues of my favorite albums. The album continues the long trend of constant innovation while still coming from the same vein that brought us masterpieces like Transference and Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Tracks like “Do I have to Talk You Into It” and “Tear It Down” are tour de forces of what Spoon does best. It’s the type of catchy hooks and grooves that made fans buy Gimme Fiction on the merits of “I Turn My Camera On” alone. The percussion paired with the increasing complexity of Spoon’s production creates a much more energetic atmosphere than I was expecting.

More than anything else, this is a fun album. Spoon has always been in a manner of speaking the pop band of the indie rock scene and this album fully embraces that branding in a way that previous albums seem to have scared away from. This is the Spoon album meant to be played at parties is what I’m saying. In the five times I’ve listened to the album in the past week or so, I’ve never had to think how would explain to a passerby why I’m listening to this in the way that listening to a super sad Bon Iver album gets you a concerned look.



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