Review: Lorde’s “Green Light”

by Claire Nunez

It has been four years, four years, since Lorde released her album, Pure Heroine.   The voice of the voiceless teens announced her new song, “Green Light” this past week.  Lorde released the music video for her first release from her sophomore album, Melodrama on March, 2.

Just like other artists who wait years between albums, the new music is often over-hyped. But, Lorde’s new song has lived up to the excitement.   It is everything fans have hoped for –  at least this one.  I was little nervous to hear Lorde’s new music because she is not the same teen with a different story to tell that she was four years ago.  She has achieved fame and fortune.  Her life is different, so her story should be too, right?  Well, yeah it is, but Lorde is still telling a tale relevant to her fans because we grew up too.  I kinda forgot that we’re all different now too.

Lorde’s music video for “Green Light” features her in a fuchsia dress thrashing around a city singing about her heartbreak.  The lighting is a bit dark and kinda grody, but that reflects her roots.  As for the song itself, Lorde’s voice is as smooth as ever and she reflects more range.  The song is a bit club-esque, but if you listen to what she is actually saying you can actually hear the pain, but also her desire to move on.  It is beautiful.  The pounding beats accurately oppose her voice and message.  Lorde takes an over used song topic and makes it relevant again.

In a sense, her song is representative of how we are as a generation, we like to get out and make it seem like we are having a great time when we are in so much pain.  Lorde still speaks to us on a level that other artists can’t stoop to.  “Green Light” was much needed for Lorde’s antsy fans.  I am really excited to hear what else she has in store for us.



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