Who Will Survive in America? Who Knows if Kanye Were President.

Maybe Kanye will give us all Yeezys though. That would be nice.

Joshua Rosen
Staff Kanye Supporter?

In 2015, Kanye West told the world that he was going to run for president in 2020. If the 39-year-old rapper does end up running for office, here is all the good and bad we can expect through­out his campaign and possible presi­dency.


Campaign album: This is at the top of my list. When the rapper begins campaigning, you can bet he will re­lease some music to go hand-in-hand with his presidential campaign. It’s at least three years away, but I’m still excited. Who wouldn’t be? Excessive trash talk? Skimming over complex current events with brief mentions? A campaign album has never been done before, and I would not be surprised if it’s the sole reason Kanye has spread the ideas of running for president in the first place. I’ll pre-order it.

Political affiliations: Kanye West won’t be running for a specific political party. He claims he is running with his morals backing him rather than a political par­ty. Someone will more than likely place him under one, but his mindset cer­tainly interests me. It makes me think that his running is slightly less of a joke and makes me want to watch his future de­bates and rallies (which is more than I can say for other politicians). But who knows? Maybe that’s just the Kanye factor, which is another pro.

Rallies (or, fingers crossed, concerts). Hopefully all of his rallies either start or end with him performing music be­cause that would clearly improve them (unless you don’t like his music, but I don’t see many people going to sup­port him unless they like his music). Maybe I am underestimating him.

Feedback. A song on the most recent Kanye album features an outro where the rapper shouts, “You get a fur! You get a fur! You get a jet! Big booty bitch for you!” We can clearly expect some U.S. citi­zen fur distribution upon election. I’m holding off on buying my own for this very reason.

The official footware of the Federal Government?


Reality TV: In case U.S. politics has already lost its serious edge, the entire country would quite literally become a reality TV show. With Kim Kardashian becom­ing the First Lady (some may say a con on its own) the country would get a firsthand look at the White House and its affairs through Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Pro for the show, con for anyone that cares about the United States’ image.

Sensitivity and filter: Some may con­sider Trump to be overly sensitive and  sensitive and to occasionally speak without regard for consequence, but Kanye certainly would beat him in this department. The rapper often vents to his fans about his problems and thoughts during his con­certs. He is happy to take center stage even at inappropriate times to voice his mind. These rants are often nonsensi­cal to the majority (con) but passion­ately moving to others (pro). Overall, we have a pro–if you want hilariously in­appropriate outbursts at official meet­ings with world leaders. Otherwise, we’ll keep this one in cons.

Concerts and music production:  If Kanye does win this election–and who’s to say he can’t or won’t–we’ll be hearing a lot less of live Kanye and new Kanye throughout his presidency. This disaster alone may trump the cam­paign album’s brilliance, the undoubt­edly hilarious campaign and presiden­cy itself, and the free swag we will all be receiving if he wins. Personally, I’m torn because of this one alone. Upon realization of a possible four year or even an eight year gap in Kanye music–just one con of many more–I just don’t know if I’ll be able to check yes for Mr. West.

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