Yes, We Can Give Trump A Chance, But Not A Pass For His Actions

Get used to scrolling through Twitter to get your White House news

by Jack Archambault
Staff Watchdog

There is never a shortage of things to rant about concerning Donald Trump. In fact, it is practically impossible to be aware of the man’s mere existence and not be annoyed, disturbed, pissed off, or downright sickened by some aspect of his being. As Trump has now stepped onto the world’s grandest stage, I find myself falling mostly into the final category, in which each news update out of the White House feels like a roundhouse kick to the groin. Whether he is impulsively tweeting or spewing a fresh batch of alternative facts, every day Team Trump finds a new way to make the world worse. I am not quite sure how to formulate these ideas into a coherent column, but that has never stopped the Donald, so let’s fire away.

First, Twitter. One would think that a man leading the free world would be above starting Twitter beef with people as if his name was, well, Donald Trump. One would also think that the next logical step after getting mocked on Saturday Night Live for tweeting too much would be to do anything but send out a barrage of tweets. But I guess maybe I’m the one who is not getting it. Either way, the fact that Trump’s default response whenever he is faced with even the slightest semblance of opposition (such as from a television show that makes fun of practically everybody) is to get behind a screen and embark on a 140-character tirade is sad. This is behavior we should not tolerate from children, let alone the most powerful person in the world. As far as Twitter goes, Trump is the embodiment of a seventh grade internet bully who happened to become the President of the United States. What is even worse is that this behavior is encouraged by many who claim that it is Trump’s only way to escape media bias. For others, it is now at least expected and therefore, validated. Since getting on the internet and trolling people is probably the weakest way to engage those who disagree with you, this brings about the issue of what our expectations are for a President’s behavior, and why our expectations for this President’s behavior are so embarrassingly low.

Ideally, the President should be a positive role model for all Americans to follow. Unfortunately, this currently is not the case. Through his own doing, Trump has presented a face to America that is horrifyingly ugly. How can we look at a man who routinely attacks others, brags about sexually assaulting women, attempts to justify said sexual assault as a thing that all men do (it isn’t), and is incapable of letting a single perceived slight pass go and say we are okay with it? Looking past this persona, we stumble across his penchant for spewing unintelligible and unverified dreck. Whether it be his denial of global climate change or his persistence that millions of people voted illegally in the election (both of which can be proven otherwise with the slightest bit of research), it is now more surprising to hear Trump say something that is not blatantly false. Because of this, B.S. has become the norm, while even the most obvious truths, like Earth’s rising temperature, are debatable.

On this same note, it is not uncommon for Trump to receive praise for simply doing what is expected of the President. He makes no secret of amplifying this praise as much as possible. On January 25th the White House put together a press release that was literally just a compilation of compliments from none other than the “lyin’ media. If you cannot even begin to fathom being that petty and insecure, that’s good because neither can I. From what he has shown us, however, it is entirely reasonable to expect him to fuck up, and anything less than that is now revelatory. But what can be done about this? To start, we should resist every inclination to give him a pass.

To clarify, there is a world of difference between giving someone a chance and giving them a pass. Donald Trump will get a chance but should never get a pass for his behavior. Giving someone a chance to do their job does not necessitate letting them off the hook for their wrongdoings. Just the other day, I overheard two people discussing this matter. One thing they seemed to agree on is that people should “focus on the good” when it comes to Trump. The problem with this is that to focus solely on any good qualities is to ignore the bad, of which there is an abundance. Doing this means glossing over the petulant tweets, the juvenile insults, and the mistreatment of women. Doing this means holding the person who should be held to a higher standard to one that is lower than children’s standards, a fact that is utterly pathetic. It is high time we revoke the free pass that has been given to President Trump and evaluate him not just by a measuring stick of basic human decency but by a standard fitting of the President of the United States.

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