the paper’s view – 2.1.17

Hi there.

It seemed like introducing ourselves up top made the most sense, so that’s what we’re doing


If you want my bs job interview biography then what I’d probably tell you is that a) I’m an IPE major with a minor in Journalism b) I’m a writer and c) I write for the paper. This publication has become a staple of my time here at Fordham. I’ve been here since halfway through freshman year and after all that time (so…many…weekends..) I’ve gotten pretty used to sitting in the basement of McGinley for an inordinate amount of hours staring at articles about…well, anything really. This is going to be interesting.

I also have a dog. She’s cuter than your dog. This is a fact.


I major in english, so yeah uh just imagine every stereotype affiliated with that. I mean after that we’re basically done here. I’ve been writing for the paper or more accurately cursing and rambling in a vaguely coherent manner since I was a freshmen and through a combination of pity and thinly veiled machiavellian machinations am now supposed to do things. This is my nightmare. I mean the current political situation not the paper. The paper is a dream, but one that is definitely fueld by some deep rooted anxieties.

My dogs are actually better. Luis gave you an “Alternative fact.”

Well then.

We honestly didn’t think this week could get any more ridiculous than it already was, and then the Immigration Executive Order happened. So yeah, that was a really nice welcome to our new jobs.

First of all, we’re going to acknowledge up-front that the Immigration Order is disgusting in its intent, completely unconstitutional and antithetical to the values of the United States. We would like to thank those who have already spoken out and protested this move by the Trump Administration, including Father McShane. Hopefully, the students affected by this will find some peace in the coming days. We stand with you.

In our experience, the paper has always been a means of communication first and foremost. But, this is a crossroads of sorts – we now live at a time when there is a lot happening at any given time, and we only have so much space to use.

So the question then becomes, what is a publication like the paper supposed to be? Are we activists or are we journalists?

Honestly? We’re both. And neither. We’re people with some strong feelings, too much free time on weekends, and a marginal amount of Photoshop experience trying to get our voices heard. And it’s our job to make sure your voice is heard too.

Not afraid,
Luis & John

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