Review: Run the Jewels Run the Jewels 3

by John Looby

Run the Jewels 3 happened. It appeared one night out of the blue. I mean it dropped early and I just immediately listened to the whole thing. If you’re a fan of Run The Jewels this
is exactly what you want and expect. El-P is still producing tracks that demand to be played exclusively at high volumes. Both El-P and Killer Mike are still expressing all the rage and discontent you’ve come to love. If your favorite insults aren’t derived from a Run The Jewels lyric fix your life please. The album feels like a big step up from Run The Jewels 2 that at least to me was sort of a let down.

The stand out track “Oh Mama” is the best song for blaring that also features an  nprecedented number of references to someone’s own mother. On the whole the album is
another great Run The Jewels release, but certainly not a particularly groundbreaking work of art. Things haven’t changed much, but they didn’t really have to.4-tips

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