Back From The Dead


Not Super Dead, Only Pretty Dead.

Much like my GPA,  I thought that 2017 was as good of a time as ever to revive the rotting corpse that this website had become. We’ll have a lot to talk about in the next few years; so having a single, consolidated digital platform is an important step in making sure you, dear readers, get to experience EVERY GRIPPING SECOND of the ever burning dumpster fire that is this wonderful publication.

Some changes to the site that you can come to expect are as follows:

  • More regular posts by The Paper staff and our wonderful contributing writers.
  • A fresh coat of paint so the website looks sexy.
  • Better compatibility with mobile platforms such as smartphones.
  • Better social media integration.
  • Stories about cheese.
  • Some other ones.

All of this and more can be yours! So make sure check back regularly for great stories and content from the best goddamn student publication on the planet!

Sincerely, Michael Jack O’Brien

Features Co-Editor and Trained Internet Chimp

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