America Same Racism, New Reagans

Ushering in the next era of assholery

By Kyle Zarif

Ahhh xenophobia, you relentless motherfucker. Why is it you seem to pop up in the American political sphere during the times your presence is anything but needed? You are a constant reminder that the home of the free is populated by quite a few ignorant assholes that often ascend to the heights of our governmental and media positions, and spew their horse shit from the highest of mountaintops. You seem to appear in the most vile and insidious ways, hellbent on derailing legitimate political discussion with racist hate-mongering. As a nation founded on the literal fucking enslavement of one race and the near utter annihilation of another, it’s insane how we react with shock whenever xenophobic language enters our political debates. We sat around outraged when decorated theologian Ben Carson said that Islam is incompatible with the Constitution, but failed to reflect on why these xenophobic views have gained such support in this country. Recently, xenophobia catwalked back into the mainstream Republican playbook when Syria began to bleed refugees from its bloody Civil War. Full disclosure: my father is an immigrant from Syria, and his sister and her family are currently seeking refugee status in America after fleeing Syria about four years ago. Talking to them painted a true picture of Syrian refugees: PEOPLE who have experienced the complete destruction of their country, who have seen unspeakably horrific crimes against humanity, who just need help regaining a sense of normalcy. Unfortunately, my view is not one that is shared by many in the Republican party. The merry bunch of misfits known as the GOP candidates for the presidency have been making this abundantly clear. Failed tech CEO Carly Fiorina recently stated in an inexplicable case of verbal diarrhea that, “We are having to be very careful about who we let enter this country from these war-torn regions to ensure that terrorists are not coming here.” Failed water drinker Marco Rubio decided to hop into the debate, “adding” that we should refrain from letting “people who were, you know, part of a terrorist organization that are using this crisis” enter the country. Wildly successful islamophobe Ben Carson decided, “fuck it,” and stated in an interview with ~Fox News~ that it would be “foolishness to take in people from a region where we don’t have any way in making a determination if this person is radicalized already or potentially radicalized.” Dracula impersonator and aspiring McCarthyist Ted Cruz decided to spew his own personal spin on this uniform characterization, saying, “We have to continue to be vigilant to make sure those coming are not affiliated with the terrorists. But we can do that.” If you’re wondering where the rest of the candidates stand on this issue, I’ll save you some depressing research and assure you that they, for the most part, speak on this with the same issue-dodging and near blatant racism that these four cuties have exhibited. If you think the mainstream xenophobia stops with these clowns, you are RIGHT, just kidding you’re fucking wrong and you knew that already. John Oliver recently did a segment on international coverage of the crisis, and showed a ~Fox News~ segment which utilizes a video which they failed to note was uploaded in 2010 showing a group of supposed refugees chanting “allahu akbar” or “God is great” on French public transit. The headline underneath this bullshit reads, “TERRORISTS INBOUND? Taking Refugees Could Open Door to Jihadists.” The newscaster who seemingly majored in denying obvious implications followed this by clarifying; “To be clear, we’re not saying that any of those people are terrorists, or in any way affiliated with a terror group, but it does highlight just how many of these refugees who are fleeing violence in Iraq and Syria are Muslim”. I am glad she clarified because, personally, I had no idea that the majority of refugees from a nation that is 90 fucking percent Muslim would be Muslims themselves! Thanks Fox News :)! Fox’s viewers presumably responded to this with complete fear of the scary brown people who are clearly coming to Western countries to denounce our benevolent Christian God and shit all over the Constitution. Just as a reminder to all of those mentioned in this article, these refugees are FUCKING PEOPLE, not robots automatically programmed to hate democracy and blow shit up. Terror is not intrinsically tied to being Arab, just the desire to enslave entire races of people is not intrinsically tied to being white. I know this because I’m both, and it sickens me to think that people who could one day lead this country would look upon my Syrian relatives fleeing oppression with suspicions of terrorism. Furthermore, white people commit acts of terror all the damn time. The growing number of far-right hate groups in the U.S. and Europe and the horrible act of racist terror in Charleston make that fact abundantly clear. Another reminder to everyone else: white supremacy has flourished in this country since its inception, so stop reacting with shock when this manifests itself in our culture. Complaining about oppressive power structures means nothing unless you fight to change or dismantle them. Instead, respond by actively supporting refugees and by calling out your fellow citizens on xenophobic nonsense. Lastly, education is the best tool against oppression. Talk to refugees, hear their stories, and read in to the actual facts surrounding the impact of refugees on Western nations. Counter bullshit with fact, as facts (mostly) always win!!

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