Apple’s Pretty New iPad and Why You Should Totes Buy It

It’s not as expensive as a laptop! And it has a nifty magic pencil!

by Richard Chao

October has Halloween, November has Thanksgiving, December has Christmas, and we might as well make the Apple Showcase another national Holiday for September. Even if you haven’t been following up on the latest news in the tech world, you’ve probably heard of the new iPhone 6s, since Apple releases a new model of iPhone every September. Apple has been releasing new models since 2011, and always manages to make billions in profit, even though the models often only differ by just one small aspect.

The iPhone 6s, however, isn’t the highlight of this year’s Apple Showcase. A lot of people, including me, were disappointed with this year’s Apple Showcase since they didn’t release a new generation of Apple Watch. However, Apple did release something that you might want to look into: the iPad Pro.

Many of you are probably thinking about skipping my article now, saying to yourselves, “Why do I care about the iPad? I’ve got a phone to call people and take pictures, and a computer to surf the web and take notes. It’s just a waste of money.” You are not the only one thinking that. This is the reason why iPad sales have been falling every year since the original release, but overall the whole tablet industry has been falling. Apple will, however, probably strike gold with this new product since it finally appeals to an important group of consumers: students.

Why you should consider an iPad:

This tablet is a lot more useful to students now, as it has a 12.9’’ screen, Apple pencil capabilities, and is lightweight. So you’re probably asking right now, “Why does that appeal to me? I have a Macbook to do all of that.”

First of all, you should be thinking of the iPad Pro not as a separate device, but as an accessory for your Macbook. Due to the iCloud, your iPad is completely synchronized with your Macbook. Now, you can do work on your iPad and that’ll go straight to your Macbook and vise versa. (For other laptops, you can use the Google Drive as a substitute for the iCloud). Rather than take your Macbook with you everywhere, now you can just take your iPad. What’s the benefit of that? Well, first of all, it’s a lot lighter. The iPad Pro is just 1.5 pounds while the lightest of the macbooks is 2 pounds and let’s be honest, only a few of you actually bought the lightest and cheapest Macbook Air. Most of you bought the 4-5 pound Macbook Pro because you didn’t want to sacrifice a powerful computer for a lighter one. Second, with the Apple Pencil capabilities, you can take notes with it, which would save you the burden of carrying a ton of notebooks with you.

Even if comfort isn’t your number one concern, think about the monetary and safety value of an iPad. The outside world is a lot harsher than your house, dorm room, or apartment–if you break your iPad, it’ll probably be 300-600 dollars cheaper than breaking your laptop. And that’s just the monetary value, the bigger value that your iPad provides is time. If you did break your Macbook, you would be in a burdensome situation because all of your work would be lost, and even if you had a backup hard-drive and can just buy a new Macbook, that’s still time consuming and pricy. For us college students, a week or even a day without our laptops would have the same effect on our grades as a week without food would on our health. Losing or breaking a $799 iPad would obviously be horrible, but it’s a lot worse to lose or damage a $1200+ Macbook that has all of your work, photos, and entertainment which is why you should consider it.

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