Review: Tyler, the Creator Wolf

by Will Speros
Opinions Co-Editor


Guys, Tyler delivered. Like really delivered. On his second solo disc, Wolf, Tyler, the Creator outdoes himself. On the latest album, Tyler continues to do battle with his demons and show off his comedic side. Tyler delves deeper into his bitterness towards the father who abandoned him (“Answer”), the shock of rising from obscurity (“Domo 23”), and the conflicted emotions that come with fortune and fame (“Cowboy”). Though Wolf covers some dark territory, the listening experience isn’t all heavy.

In fact, it’s mostly just a lot of fun. His notorious humo runs rampant throughout the album. He combines this twisted comedy with his romantic side in a cohesive way only someone as weird as Tyler could (“Bimmer,” “IFHY”). Tyler himself claims he designed the album to be enjoyed outside in the sun, and, more often than not, the songs on Wolf stir the whole California dreamin’ mentality. It’s hard to say whether or not Tyler has matured since 2011’s bold Goblin, but it’s clear he definitely made the effort to shake things up. The beats are consistently great, and somewhat more sophisticated than what you might expect from Odd Future. And like any music made by an Odd Future member, they don’t do it alone. Hodgy kills his verse on “Jamba,” and a lot of the OFWGKTA gang comes together on the dizzying but great “Trashwang.” Frank Ocean and Erykah Badu also offer their golden voices to serenade us. Wolf throws a lot at us, yet it all comes together in a beautiful and highly satisfying way. In the end, it all feels like a nice ride through L.A. on a sunny afternoon with the wind in your face. Most importantly, all you’ll wanna do is play it again and again.

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One thought

  1. 2a1હું વિકાસલક્ષી પત્રકાર છું અને ચરખા નામના વિકાસ સંચાર નેટવર્કનો à‚ª¤Ã ÂªÂ‚ત્રી-સàªÂÂયોજક છું. અમે હકારાત્મક વિકાસલક્ષી પત્રકારત્વ કરીએ છીએ. અમારી વેબસાઈટ ગુજરાતી અને અંગ્રેજીમાં છે. આપની આ યાદીમાં અમારી વેબસાઈટનું સરનામું સામેલ કરશોજી.સંજય દવે

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