Review: Veronica Falls Waiting for Something to Happen

By Ali Glembocki
Co-Comix Editor

Veronica Falls

Veronica Falls is an amazing listen. It never patronizes. It never tries to pull the sugar-woven wool over your eyes, like a self-absorbed pop diva or a bad best friend. It simply takes your troubles and drowns them in sunlight.

Admittedly, many of the tracks are cut from the same twinkling-guitar-and-breezy-vocal fabric, but it’s refreshing that each song isn’t battling for attention. In today’s Hunger Games-like iTunes single culture, a truly cohesive album is a rarity.

With that said, the quiet Katniss of the album is “Teenage,” a blissful, simple love anthem. Lead singer Roxanne Clifford relays, “Driving late at night, I let you listen to the music you like, then I’ll drop you home again.” Cue flashbacks of suburban summers and cravings for 7-Eleven slushies.

“Broken Toy” and “Waiting for Something to Happen” are infectious, begging you to sing along even at first listen. Catchy guitar riffs cradle lyrics that seem like they’ve been ripped from the pages of your high school diary (or journal, shout out to all the boys in denial out there). Definitely blast these dashboard-tapping jams on a summer road trip with your besties.
“So Tired” is the closest to angst the daydreamy album ventures towards, sounding like a sun-
dried combination of Pixies, The Cure, and The Beach Boys.

Waiting for Something to Happen is Veronica Falls’ sophomore effort, and it ventures into much lighter territory than their self-titled debut (i.e., their debut’s opening song is called “Found Love in a Graveyard.”) Veronica Falls step away from gloom pop on their second album, but with that comes a sense of finesse. There’s a certain kind of maturity in finding sweetness in retrospect.

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