Tegan and Sara Heartthrob

By Will Speros

T&S Heartthrob

Canadian twins Tegan and Sara Quin have returned with their sixth studio album, with all the angst we’ve come to expect from them. On their latest disc, aptly titled Heartthrob, these two cover territory that is quite familiar to them: heartbreak. Like all their previous releases, the songs mostly entail poetic reflections on love lost. After six albums, this routine feels a little tired; luckily, Tegan & Sara both seemed to feel the same way, which is probably why they’ve mixed things up on their latest tracks. As usual, these two pour out what’s left of their battered hearts into every inch of each track, except this time around, we dance to pretty much all of them. A good deal of tracks off their last album, Sainthood, were also very danceable, but all the synth and dance rhythms are far more prevalent on this album than anything before. The opener, “Closer,” is a damn sexy tune about just wanting to fuck, but more than anything it makes you want to dance, which is a nice change of pace for Tegan & Sara. The next track, “Goodbye, Goodbye,” demonstrates what these two manage to execute so well on this album: they drop absolutely heart-wrenching lyrics about a failed relationship (“You never really loved me . . . loved me like they did”) over a melody where you simply can’t help but dance. On the whole, Heartthrob is on a level of pop music that Tegan & Sara just seem weirdly out of place in. It feels something like a trivial, deliberate attempt to finally gain more mainstream attention. It is definitely not their best work, but it is not necessarily bad. These two have a tremendous talent evident not only in this album, but in everything else they have done in the past. Few people can take heartbreak and make it this much fun to listen to.

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