Review: New Order Lost SIrens

By Gibson Merrick


New Order is probably best known (by college kids our age, anyway) for their kick-ass 1988 single “Blue Monday,” a song I like to play at parties when I’m really faded. They were one of the few new wave bands that were both commercially and critically successful, having been called “godlike geniuses” in their homeland the UK. The band has gone through a couple of breakups and reformations over the years (with some lineup rotations as well), and Lost Sirens is their first studio album since 2005. The album is composed of unreleased tracks from their previous release, Waiting for the Sirens Call.

The album starts up with the pretty good “I’ll Stay,” an upbeat song that sets a good tone for the rest of the album. It also sounds like they’re covering a U2 song, which didn’t really do it for me but could easily work for others. The second track, “Sugarcane,” makes good use of the bands synthesizers to craft a danceable new wave jam. It’s easily the best track on the album and really feels right at home with the band’s older material. Other standouts on the album include “Hellbent” and “I Told You So,” which wraps up the album nicely after a few forgettable tracks.

Ultimately, New Order’s Lost Sirens falls into the same pitfall as other new wave bands’ newer efforts and is mostly forgettable. Nothing comes close to the greatness of “Blue Monday,” but it can be worth it for the few good tracks that are there. As a whole though, it’s not hard to understand why these tracks didn’t make it to their previous album.

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