ON AN ON Give In

By Rachel Dougherty

ON AN ON Give In

Once upon a time there was a band called Scattered Trees, but then they broke up. And though it may seem like a break up is not the best way to start a fairytale, I beg to differ, for out of this break up arose On an On.

On an On is comprised of three wonderful musicians (the remains of Scattered Trees) who, pre-break up, had scheduled some time at a recording studio. Post-break up, they did not want to let their outstanding appointment with destiny (and some microphones) to pass them by, so they created a new band On an On with new music, new lyrics, new vibes.

Their debut album, Give In, is haunting. Fantastic vocals and lyrics are paired with ambient-post-rock-indie-electronic instrumentalism that leave you dazed after ten tracks. This album pairs well with: staring at the ceiling while you’re a little (or a lot) stoned; driving aimlessly between the hours of dusk and dawn; and dancing without a care in the world for what others might think.
Give In, released January 29, will not be the last you hear of On an On. They seem to be doing something right, for even in their nascent existence, they’ve already been picked up to play at Governor’s Ball this summer.

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