American Horror Story Unsurprisingly a Big Hit

Time to jump on the bandwagon, gang
by Kristin Magaldi

Are you a fan of American Horror Story season two, The Asylum? If you answered yes to this question, then you are obviously doing something right with your life. If you answered no, then I feel sorry for you, sir, because you missed one hell of a season. The following article gives a detailed review of the season finale of one of the most epic series that has ever graced a television screen. SPOILERS are included, so do not read if you are trying to catch up on the season (which you should definitely do if you want a happy and successful life.)

On Wednesday January 23, we finally said goodbye to season two of American Horror Story: Asylum with a far from disappointing conclusion. In epilogue-like fashion, the finale artfully resolved the conflicts of the show in a ballet of captivating sequences documenting the outcome of each character we have come to know and love.

AHS Asylum
On its own, this episode proved to be a masterpiece of eloquent writing, cinematography, and acting, but in the context of the entire series, it seemed a little out of place. Even though we may have expected the season to end with more of a bang, this final episode flawlessly tied together season two in a manner that successfully did the season justice.

During a “tell all” interview with Lana, the episode seamlessly moved from the sixties to the present to give a detailed account of what became of the remaining characters. Among these characters was Kit, whose storyline was given a good portion of the episode to resolve. However, while Lana told Kit’s story adequately, her main focus appeared to be on his two mysterious children, who we came to learn actually fulfilled Grace’s prophecy of greatness.

While these alien-born kids remain shrouded in a lot of mystery, we do know they possessed the power to heal Jude. However, this is all the season revealed about the nature of the aliens. We are still not sure why they chose Kit, but even in his moment of death they were still watching over him, only to abduct him once more. This proved to be a disappointment of the series, because the alien storyline was never fully fleshed out thus proving itself to be a bit ridiculous (even in the context of AHS). As a result, the season ended with more questions than answers in this one respect, begging the question, “Did they just throw that in there for the hell of it?”

Perhaps the most interesting turn of the season was Sister Jude’s outcome. Kit allowed Jude into his family as almost a grandmother-type figure following her detox, thouh his motive remains unclear. She became so close with his children that her parting words to them helped them achieve success. This sequence of Jude’s last moments proved to be both striking and saddening. After a hard life of running away from the past and fighting to find a place in the world, Jude finally let go and asked for the kiss of death. No one would have possibly guessed that Jude would die safe in a bed under the protection of Kit but in a way customary to AHS, we were shocked again.

Out of the entire season, Jude proved to be the most dynamic character. Her metamorphosis from beginning to end made her initial character indistinguishable from the character we knew on her death bed. We as an audience went from hating her, to pitying her, and finally to crying with her in her final moments. Though many may have anticipated that Jude would have left this world with more of a fighting spirit customary to her character in the beginning of the season, there was something very cathartic about her death.

And then there was Lana. Through her reflections, we were able to find out that Lana had become a successful world renowned news reporter. While Lana was reluctant to talk about her past with Bloody Face, she did reveal the truth about her son, including the remorse she felt for giving him up and her hopes that he would have a good life. This was very fascinating because we were led to believe that once Lana closed that chapter of her life, she would never want to reopen it. But by the end of the interview she had no choice, and what resulted was the most shocking moment in the season finale. During a standoff between herself and her son Johnny, Lana successfully manipulated Johnny in the same way she did Thredson, by feigning affection so that he would not kill her.

Overall, season two of American Horror Story: Asylum took us on an unending roller coaster of twists and turns, leaving us confused, disturbed, and shamelessly addicted. Season two took the AHS series to a whole new level, crossing lines rarely crossed while eagerly grappling with the controversial. With its variety of multifaceted characters and a story line that will forever keep us guessing, season two of AHS will be sorely missed. But after such an incredible conclusion one can be content to say: it’s been a great season.

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