New Issue

On campus and on the internet, the paper‘s new issue is out now. Sure, we probably spent a regrettable amount of time “researching” for our try at Steet Style (page 20) and developing our escape plan for when the football team tries to kick our ass over another article (page 9), but we also found time to do real journalism on potential Fordham dorm sign-in policy changes (page 10) and on the most horrifying haunted house of all time OMG (page 15). We also responded to the insanity that was the Penn State JoPa riots and how the entire tragedy serves as a blueprint for how sexual assault is protected within institutions (page 3). Of course, album reviews including the new Los Campesinos! are on page 22 and perfectly autumnal comix are on page 24.

All this and more, just a click away:

the paper – Vol XL – issue ix

In conclusion, Alanis on this issue of the paper:

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