TV was invented for this. Awards shows were invented for this. IMAX was invented for this.

I love television, but sometimes it really gets me down. Production values keep dropping and writers become reality show story editors and would it be too much for some fireworks, damnit? But this…oh, this. In this video, the Illuminati appoints Beyonce to Queen of the World. There are crazy F/X and a trillion dollars in sex robot costumes and fireballs. Michelle Obama is there…and Barbara Streisand is there…and Stevie Wonder and Babyface and Bono, you’re there, too! And Beyonce praises her family and her God and, in one of the classiest moves in history, the original members of Destiny’s Child. Do you have a boner? Seriously, are you watching this video and is your cock hard like you’re in the audience when a lion is ripping apart a gladiator? This is Rome! Call the emperor! Beyonce is the Emperor!

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