Poll: Best DVD in My Sister’s Collection

When I was a kid, I used to spend the third week in March glued to my television, watching all my favorite VJs and pop stars dance around with their shirts off at the bacchanale that was MTV Spring Break, waiting patiently until I was old enough to take part in the festivities. Cut to the present. I’m at home, where it snowed yesterday, and have a slight ache in my back because when I drove home last night I had to lean to the side in order to see through the frost that was covering my windshield. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and then I will go back to school and work on my thesis. However, there are little moments that make home seem not so bad. For instance: discovering the few DVDs that remain in my sister’s collection. Presumably, these are the ones that the store wouldn’t accept as trade-ins, which is a shame because they’re all awesome. Here’s the rundown…

1. Fever Pitch (Curse Reversed Edition), starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, directed by the Farrelly Brothers. No surprise here. If you are from New England you are required by law to enjoy this movie.

2. The Challenge – Filmed in Mexico, starring Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The phrase “Filmed in Mexico” actually appears to be part of the title. Apparently, “ambitious, uptight Lizzie” and “laid-back tree-hugger Shane” must work through their sibling rivalry while on the set of a TV game show (also filmed in Mexico). Find more info by using the America Online keyword “mary-kateandashley.”

3. Breaker Morant, starring no one you’ve ever heard of. An Australian Western that takes place during the Boer War, my aunt gave this to me a few years ago because it was apparently my grandpas favorite movie. I guess she liked it too, because she before she gave it to me she unwrapped it and watched it herself. I don’t know how this wound up with my sister’s DVDs

4. New York Minute, starring Mary Kate and Ashley with appearances by Andy Richter and Eugene Levy. This one might be the favorite.

5. Garden State, starring Natalie Portman and Zach Braff. Purchased used for 2 dollars at Gamestop. You lame-o’s will probably vote for this over NYM.

6. This Christmas, starring Chris Brown. I prefer the soundtrack, if only for this.

7. The Come Up Vol. 18 (In the Hood Edition), starring various (t)rappers. There’s some great stuff on here– Lil Boosie counting a million dollars in cash live in front of the camera, Gucci Mane showing off 2 million dollars jewelry, Jeezy talking about why the recession is causing a spike in gas and drug prices, a segment on a young Nicki Minaj called “M$. Super Pussy,” and much, much more. If the DVD were in the case I’d probably watch this right now.

8. Price and Prejudice (Special Edition) (Unopened), starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. A Christmas gift to my sister from my other aunt, the librarian one.

9. The Day After Tomorrow, starring Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Emmy Rossum, directed by Roland Emmerich. Five or six years ago Blockbuster Online sent me this DVD by mistake and apparently it’s still kicking around the house.

10. Hannah Montana The Movie, starring Miley Cyrus. Guest appearance from Taylor Swift.

11. Milk, starring Sean Penn, directed by Gus Van Sant. She really likes this one. I’m bored and don’t have anything more to say.


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