A New Hope

The human condition is tragic: We live, we suffer, we die. Sometimes, however, like the butcher who finds his wedding band slopped in with the pig’s guts, we are able to pull a token of beauty from life’s macabre muck.

How I came upon the Kitty Jail video is irrelevant. What matters is the time and effort that clearly went in to making this film. Like a classic silent movie, a tinkling piano creates an air of mystery around the cats. How did they end up in Kitty Jail? Are they staging a jail break? Is rebellion’s purr vibrating off the jail’s carpet-covered walls? The cinematography is sharp, calling to mind Emmanuel Lubezki’s weaving camera work in “Children of Men.”

Suddenly, techno music overtakes the piano. The viewer is shaken. What’s to come of the Kitty Jail, of the cat inmates, of our generation? Is anything that seems raw and honest really just a glossy techno cat video sponsored by Coke? The introduction of the bunny in the third act catches the viewer off guard once again. “This is a cat jail,” the brown cat seems to say, “NOT a bunny jail.” Will the bunny bring the cats together against a common enemy, or just make the cats turn against each other? Ultimately, we are left to draw our own conclusions as the black cat’s paw waves at the screen.

So go on, my friends, and Create! The producers of HollywoodKittyCo (most likely the sweatsuit-clad woman who introduces the bunny and controls the action, or, should I say, God) had a vision and executed it. Like one of those pens with laser pointers on end, she shot a ray of light into the world. She made something instead of sitting, sitting, sitting, as her muscles atrophy and her bones become brittle. And in her act of creation, she found community. She found power. She found purpose.

As the Youtube hits climbed from zero to twenty-two, maybe, just maybe, she felt less tragically alone.

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