the paper, Volume XXXIX, issue ix

Old Media, New Media, Mixed Media: the handmade collage of physical newspaper the paper appearing on its blog, the internet. Try and get over it. Bet you can’t.

We break down the elections that several of us groaned about (pg. 3), bring you back to Afghanistan (pg. 6), call out Feminists for Life  and Campusreform,org on their bullshit (pg. 9), and give you one of the more esoteric reasons to deactivate your facebook (pg. 11). Arts offers reviews of the crass Louis C.K. (pg. 17) and the not so crass George W. Bush (pg. 16). The Comix are in beautiful color for the second and certainly not the last time (the fucking back), as is a photo essay of graffiti in Amsterdam (pg. 23). We hid Earwax in a different place (find it), and gave your poor college budget some relief with advice for cheap eating in ye olde Belmont community.

Click it (the link) or ticket.

the paper, 11-17-2010, Volume XXXIX, issue ix


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