See the writing on the wall! the paper, 9/29/2010

the paper, now in full color! (On the cover)

After a lovely summer off, we finally got around to making an issue of the paper. We tackle the (somehow ongoing) mosque controversy (pg. 3), give you cause to think twice or thrice when next purchasing a three dollar sub (pg. 5), address our currently opaque endowment (pg. 9), paintings (pg. 18), give the fresh faces some fresh advising (pg. 13), and give the old faces reinforcement advisign (pg. 9). See also: the Comix section, where you will be given a no-nonsense picture of college, as well as our opinion of cats.

Click it up.

the paper, 9-29-2010, Volume XXXIX, issue vi

One thought

  1. I love The Paper. I can’t wait to read your new issue. I wish there were other student publications that were as fun read as your guys’. I feel that you have a lot of freedom to publish whatever you want.

    I will be in the BX on Halloween weekend to see the Georgetown vs. Fordham football game. I would love to meet you and see how The Paper’s run.

    Nico Dodd

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