Underneath The Mosque: A Video Trip To Park51, The “Ground Zero Mosque”

Below are the videos mentioned in my article “America Unmosqued.” First is the most direct possible walking route from Ground Zero to Park51.

Once I arrived, I was greeted by signs promoting peace, coexistence, and understanding. I asked one of the women who seemed to be associated with the project, or at least defending it, who put the signs out.

Eventually, a man wearing an American flag around his shoulders came strolling in, apparently ready to stir up some feelings – and that he did, as is evident below. Once the women around him have enough of his anti-Islamic message, they start to confront him. He responds in the most gentlemanly fashion by yelling at them and telling one woman to “shut up.” And don’t miss the parallel drawn by one observer between the current backlash against Islam and Germany under the Third Reich. But don’t take my word for it – watch for yourself!

Finally, after Bill Keller’s tirade against Islam and Park51, I strike up a spirited conversation asking about why Christianity is so much better, and how he can argue from the particular to the general (a tactic not valid according to the philosophy of the ancient Greeks, but apparently valid for a Christian televangelist from Florida).

Author: bandfield

blue noise and cold light...

3 thoughts

  1. Did we not learn anything from history? We were wrong to place Americans in Japanese Internment Camps and we will be wrong if we do not allow freedom of religion to prevail at Park 51. It is wrong to discriminate against individuals by race, sex, religion, or any other label. This “televangelist” is a extremist hatemonger with a twisted view on Christianity. If he can have a church near Ground Zero he is a hypocrite to say that the Islamic Center should not be built. I am fearful for the direction this type of rant is leading Americans.

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