Production Weekend Roundup (New Issue Coming)

Hey boys and girls! We here at the paper just wrapped up our last issue of the semester a few hours ago. Everybody here is super excited for the upcoming issue. See?

Yeah. Those guys are our fact checkers, though we think they’re mildly retarded. But I’m rambling. We finished things up pretty late this time around. The last of our sleep deprived staff left the print shop around five this morning, and most of us haven’t found time to slumber yet. But it’s all good, we think we put together a pretty nice issue. Inside, we burn down Keating Hall, talk about the newest fad in xenophobic legislation, and allow the graduating members of our staff some space to say some goodbyes and reminisce of paper days past. The issue will be out this Wednesday, April 28. Look for it in your dorm, classroom, nearest bathroom, or hidden amongst your mother’s unmentionables (underwear, you perverts!). And, as always, we’d appreciate some feedback, whether it be humbling encouragement or ego-busting criticism. Thanks for a wonderful semester, kids, and have a great Spring Weekend.
Speaking of, here’s a neat little cover of “Kids” by a bunch of old people:

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