Out now in Theaters Everywhere: the paper!

Shit got pretty real with this edition of the paper. We call out The Artist Formerly Known as USG president John Tully Gordon (No hard feelings, dude. We had to do it) and he CIA (p. 3), the Catholic Church (p. 4), the Military (p.7) and Lady Gaga (p. 17). We check out Fordham’s latest drunk spot Munchiez (p.9) (Which, by the way tastes like Fried), the Deep South (p. 10) and some deep flames (p. 12). We also talk about these strange large plastic black discs that play music (p. 19-20). We think your dad used to use them.

Anyway, click the link &c.

the paper, 4-10-2010, volume XXXIX, issue iv

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