The Proud Goat

The goat is a noble creature.  It is nimble, it is majestic and, above all else, it is ornery as fuck.

Goats are all at once the archetypal petting zoo standby adored by children and bumbling idiot man-children alike and the go-to mammalian embodiment of all things satanic.  Goats are essentially the tofu of the world of animal symbolism; they can serve nearly any purpose required of them and are derived from soy beans.

To love the goat is to love all beasts of the earth that have in some way, shape or form served the needs of humankind from the days of prehistory to the present.

I submit to all loyal readers evidence of the goat’s upright and moral character, and entreat all who see this to revere the goat not as a foul barnyard beast, but rather as a loyal subject to man: EXHIBIT 1


One thought

  1. Truth be told, this was THE article w pix that spoke to me!

    Yes, yes: Fordham needs a free speech zone which is essential to an intelligent & critical thinking campus; (Sodexho) college food might change but has been bad since Jesus attended Galilee C.C.; and collegiates most everywhere just wannnnna business degree-job and don’t care a lick about the world.

    But sublime GOATS!

    With only an inflexible stumpy hoof, they climb straight up impervious to gravity and death or any way down. For the view? For a leaf or two? Or because it’s there!?

    In Hawaii, I saw goats falling off mountainsides into the ocean, only to swim to live another day.

    In St. Croix, I saw “funjy” goats hanging out eating roadkill.

    If goats ran Fordham, things would be great! Well, maybe. In fact, nnnaaaaaaaaaaahhh.

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