Cooler than smoking.


That’s right, kids, new year, new staff.

For the first time in years, the paper is giving equal employment opportunities to men and women. Check it out on page 2. And that’s not the only progressive thing we’ve done. We gave our sports section the mercy kill and put out a brand spankin’  new Comix page in the back, like for dessert after you’ve had the first 23 courses.

This inaugural issue hits pretty hard, covering LDA Benefits at Fordham (page 3), the death of Democracy (page 5), and a piece on Haiti (Page 7). We also make a list of demands from Fordham (page 8), do an “under the suntan” study of the Guido (page 11), lament the best recluse who ever lived (page 17) and even try our hand at advertising (page 21).

Hop over to our Current Issue page (to your left), or read it right here!

the paper, Volume XXXIX, issue i

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