“Crack” that was really Candy?

Dear Fordham,
Apparently we have not given NYPD enough to do in the Belmont Community. It’s that time of year again, you know – school time – and so all of the extra cops that have been sent to the neighborhood to protect us are getting really bored. So bored they just arrested two local men for possesion of crème de coco on Arthur Ave.
And we can’t let such ridiculous injustice and discrimination go unnoticed in our un-gated backyard – so we need to band together, and frankly — We’ll need to step up our game. We’ll need to go out harder on every night of the week: pee all over the streets, break more beer bottles, keep that phone at the Bronx 45 Precinct ringing off the hook with noise complaints, and do it all with an open 40oz. in hand.
And anyway, we’ll get to tell more of those bad-ass “I go to school in the Bronx and I SURVIVE” stories when we go home to our high school friends. Remember that time the cops almost arrested us? Or that other time when the cop let me go only after—? Or when Dave almost got a summons for—? Or when those two locals almost killed us but a cop drove by and—?
The thing is, we’re letting the cops down – and now neither them nor us are getting any of that good old Law and Order excietment we know well from performances like Spring Weekend. It’s as if we’ve all lost our scripts! Here, I found a copy: We play the unfortunately drunk, rowdy, and disrespectful good guys, and the locals play the tired, hard-working bad guys, and the cops play the abstract noun Higher Justice, and they save us everytime.
Let’s refresh our memories and recount earlier succesful performances that I recorded this fall:
Fordham Road Resident: “There are so many more cops here during school than in the summer” This Mom, whom I spoke with, tells the story of her son who went to park his car, was stopped at a red light in the bus lane and a walking cop stopped him, gave him a ticket, as Fordham students walked by a couple feet over drinking beer on the street. “This is why I know there is favoritism.”
My interview with NYPD cop outside of MUGZ – his view on whose getting cracked down on harder: “Locals, it’s close, but it’s locals.”
Fordham student I interviewed in the caf: “When I see a cop it makes me feel safe, instead of being scared. I’m more likely to get scared of the guy around the corner.”
Evelyn [last name aunonymous]:“Fordham students are safer. NYPD takes care of them”
Pablo and German, residents of Hoffman St., recount a time in the fall when NYPD answered a noise disturbance call by approaching them on their stoop wanting to see what was in their cups. Both showed him their coffee mugs. Pablo says: “They are asking us what’s in our cups, hold up! The party is around the corner. And the complaint wasn’t even about us—there are college kids drinking beer on the sidewalks, and they still come to see our cups!”

And our magnus opus —
Both a Fordham Security guard and local resident: “The police stations around here work with Fordham. So they’ll say ‘Those are FU kids’ and just tell them to go home, get safe to their dorms if they’re drinking on the street. If I was drinking on the street, I would have to spend the night in jail, go down to 161st street, get a court summons, go to court, and be punished, legally.”

Let’s give a hand to these winning performances, and let them inspire us to play our part better…because, we can’t let all the ex-NYPD officers that work for Fordham Security only have the fun, it’s not their time to shine! We can’t let our NYPD actors lose interest in their roles. If we clean up our act, there will be no more shows. There will only be lawsuits over crème de coco, and crackdowns on parked cars outside bodegas –and who would want to tell that story to any of their fellow officers? It’s just downright embarassing.


Kaitlin Campbell and the paper

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