the Ram on a Rampage

Apparently our school is receiving some national attention due to a little run-in our mascot, the Ram, had with an almost certainly drunk and/or high student in the cafeteria on Friday. (By national attention, we mean Deadspin, a subsidiary of the Gawker network. They also zing the Ram‘s article on the incident.)

You remember Friday? It was beautiful out, so Eddie’s naturally looked like the Jersey Shore. Yeah? Yeah. Just setting the scene. So this mystery kid was in the Caf and sees the Fordham Ram walk in. The kid runs up to the Ram and punches him, knocking the Ram to the ground and dislodging his big, furry, fake head. Burn.

But it doesn’t end there. Sometimes drunken/high idiots (ourselves included) forget that when you hit someone they may or may not attempt to retaliate. Especially when that person is a large man in a ram costume. The Ram chased the puncher onto Eddie’s Parade and socked him in the face. (God I wish I had done my drinking outdoors on Friday afternoon.) Hundreds of Fordham babes and bros dropped their frisbees and watched on in horror (read: they were lovin’ it and you know it).

John Carroll, Fordham’s Director of Security, along with many other security workers caught up with the two fighting bros. Eventually both students were taken to the hospital (the puncher, reportedly, put up a bit of a stink though).

Comment if you were there, y’alls.

3 thoughts

  1. a bunch of the caf workers chased them out onto Eddies and had to pull the Ram off the kid, hilarious.

  2. hahahahahaha…

    “Yes, there are a lot of non-specific pronouns in there, even for a college newspaper, but I think the message is clear: Don’t get drunk and fool around with sheep. The good news is that it was the biggest victory for the Fordham athletic department in 10 years.”

    the ram blooooooooows!
    so do Ram athletics!

  3. I was in the caf when it happened. The kid was beyond drunk, alcohol was on his breath more so than air.

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