The Conservative Cause is Alive & Well in America

Matt Drudge, popular paper target and official news-source for Liberty Forum‘s Rachel Ring has called for Americans to be weary of the impending annihilation at the hands of self-aware robot armies, and today he revists that dreaded scenario! This time around our pal Matt has linked to a Reuter’s column that loosely details the unspeakable potential of unthinking robot armies taking over for the caring, loving individuals we have doing Freedom’s gruntwork on the ground in far off lands like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

Okay, conservatives, i get it now. After Newt “the Brute” Gingrich barreled into Fordham Prep and gave a (boring) sermon on the potential for novels, the television show 24, and the movie Goldeneye to go from fabulous fiction to terrible truth, I finally got the whole crazy thing pegged. Some conservatives may claim Ronald Reagan, or William F. Buckley as their intellectual (ha) heroes, but in reality, you guys are MUCH more badass than that. Conservative foreign policy is the ideological offspring of bros like Michael Bay, Jason Statham, James Cameron, and “Jack Bauer.” That would explain why Drudge saw the Terminator movies and said to himself: “oh God, I hope it’s not true… but what if?”

T2: Ripped from the headlines
T2: Ripped from the headlines

You see, Matt, Arnold is actually an Austrian and the Republican Governor of California, not a robot sent back in time to protect/kill a future leader of human resistance.

But I guess, in the end, it’s as the old conservative saying goes: shit gets blowed up real good unless da goodguys do do blowin’ up first. Am I right, fellas!?


Read the Drudge link, here.

5 thoughts

  1. Actually, Newt Gingrich did use one of Tom Clancy’s novel’s to state how the Clinton administration should have discussed foreign threats analysis.

  2. Well Brian, it’s as I’ve always said: when it comes to foreign policy, don’t listen to the experts, listen to authors of books sold at airports and supermarket checkout isles.

    Stephen Colbert can keep his “gut,” I check my facts in fiction.

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