Douchebag Soils Fordham’s Good Name

Patrick Reilly, a prominent Fordham graduate, and founder of the league of religious dunces, the Cardinal Newman Society, is back to his bloodthirsty McCarthy-esque ways again in South Bend, Indiana. Mr. Reilly has contrived a ridiculous controversy over President Barack Hussein Obama coming to speak at the University of Notre Dame’s 2009 commencement because Barry feeds off of the placenta of the unborn. Outside of how completely ridiculous the idea of trying to censor the President of the United States at an institution of higher learning is, the Cardinal Newman Society has lauded the University for canceling it’s production of the Vagina Monologues, and has actually been getting bishops to work towards pressuring the University to cancel on the President.

"Thou shall not take my name in vein, Patrick"
"Thou shall not take my name in vain, Patrick"

I would just say that Patrick Reilly and his gaggle of thugs are just another group of pre-mature ejaculators who are terrified of women, but that would be libelous, (potentially) untrue, unfair, and stupid… so I won’t say that. What I will say, is that a significant portion of the Gospels were dedicated to recounting Christ speaking with people who didn’t yet subscribe to Christianity… and convincing them of His righteousness through dialogue and parables (along with the usual slew of fantastic miracles). I think that the gospels are a good place to look here as an example, Patty; you see there’s this concept of dialogue that works in ways that censorship doesn’t… if you believe in the righteousness of your rhetoric, then why not engage conflicting views in dialogue to prove your point, instead of striving to silence one end of the discussion? Doesn’t it cheapen your cause to FORCE it to be right instead of letting it prove itself in an honest and open public discourse?

You can read more about the Cardinal Newman Society here; and more about the Obama controversy here.


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  1. Actually, I (a College Democrat) told a friend (a College Republican) to invite Reilly (mainly so we can tear him to shreds). Let’s see if Reilly says ‘yes’ to his invitation to his alma mater

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