Wolverine Leak Best Thing To Happen To Fox (So I Hear)

From what I hear, an almost completed version of FOX’s biggest CGI blockbuster Wolverine, has been stolen by some scurvy pirates and plastered all over the internet!  I’ve heard that the movie sucked!  Big time!  I don’t speak from experience, I would never pirate a movie!  But I’m just saying, (that I’ve heard) that movie SUCKED!  BIG TIME!  Even though it was missing all of its completed special effects, it still was a big pile of patooey!  I mean, BONE CLAWS?!  Will.I.Am?!  That movie was pure crap!  So I’ve Heard!

This is the best thing that has ever happened to FOX.  For instance, since the movie has been leaked online, and the producers can see how shitty acceptance of the movie is, they can alter the movie and release a completely different one come summertime.  Now the company has the opportunity to: 1. Kill the director 2. Kill the writer 3. Kill Ryan Reynolds 4. Kill everyone involved, but Hugh Jackman, and do reshoots.  BECAUSE THIS MOVIE WAS A BIG PILE OF PISS!  SO I’VE HEARD!

Sneak peek of Wolverine after the jump!


7 thoughts

  1. I saw the movie, it was actually really really good. You probably shouldve seen the movie before you posted this. Its really incomplete, missing alot of the effects and shit, but the movie is pretty sick.

  2. P.S. IK, I think the joke was he did pirate it, you have to read between the lines, and you know, at above a fourth grade level. I should know, I have bone claws!


  3. haha wow I dont know how I missed that. I feel retarded. but the movie was good!!!!!!!!!!! That part im right about.

  4. I don’t know, the fight choreography was quite unsatisfactory, especially in the scene where tourettesguy is playing pool for the second time…

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