Old, fat homophobe flaps his gums

Fordham’s $50,000 villain, Newt Gingrich, is back to peddling Bush-era fear rhetoric on the already bug-eyed conservative minority in this country that still listens to him. In an attempt to further damage the United States of America, Newt claimed that the US is, in fact, less safe under the “weakness” of Barack Obama’s diplomatic rhetoric, in a public chat with Politico readers on the popular website. He also echoed comic book supervillain and erstwhile Vice President, Dick Cheney’s claims that doing things like ordering the closure of the illegal, immoral, and embarrassing prison camps at places like Gitmo have made the United States not only less safe, but less powerful in the eyes of the world.

On the whole Newt’s rhetoric and general outlook on world affairs reveals itself time and time again to be poorly thought out and backwards (atavistic even!). On his “American Solutions” website that he links to, Gingrich uses Vietnam War-era rhetoric to enforce shameless populism in the face of real, complex economic issues. Elsewhere Gingrich strikes a strange blow against intelligent rhetoric when it comes to dealing with the threat of global terrorism, lamenting the loss of the ill thought out phrase, “Global War on Terror.” You can read the whole shebang, here.

Newt gingrich pictured in his political hey-day.
Newt gingrich pictured in his political hey-day.

Between the Politco talk and his words on FOX News (a.k.a. Dullard TV), that slippery Newt sounds too much like a certain blundering evil-doer that occupied the White House for eight all too recent years. People like Newt Gingrich, whose shameless appeals to a particular strain of American myopia exist only to further an extraordinarily selfish and destructive agenda should have disappeared on election night. But as long as there’s fear there will be people like Newt spewing the same type of gimme-gimme-gimme attitude of a rich brat with too much power and too much money.

Hopefully the Young Republican’s successful wrangling of this sin-stained wretch will expose the disgraced former Speaker of the House’s twisted take on reality to the great unwashed masses here at Rose Hill.


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