the paper does Spring Break in Cancun!

the paper...featured on CBS Evening News
the paper...featured on CBS Evening News

See video here:

We at the paper had a lot of aspirations for Spring Break. Originally, we were going to roadtrip out to the great midwest to see the rock-opera sensation Rod Blagojevich Superstar, only to be thwarted due to conflicting schedules between our break and our youth hostel (read: my sister’s house). A few of us embarked on an adventure to Montreal to discover the Canadian Dream (which of course ignores the fact that Quebec might as well be an entirely fucking different sovereign state, but that’s neither here nor there). The reamining of us, however, decided to go into the depths of Cancun in a gonzo journalism exposé on the border war in Mexico. Unfortunately, some sleeper broadcast cell known as CBS News snatched the story out from under us. However, they at least had the courtesy to give us a little shout out. Keep your eyes peeled around the 40 second mark (then read Alex Gibbons’ article on it here!).


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  1. Hi, I couldn’t see the video but I can to say the violence in Mexico is very far away from the tourists destinations. Cancun is very far from the problems. Thanks for the post.

  2. btw, kudos on that amazing photo shop job you guys have hanging for your banner. I mean aside from having my head looking like it’s a zip ready to explode off the neck of TJ/that other guy in U2 not named edge, bono, or larry mullen jr, i’d say it turned out pleasantly.

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