Pop Shit Mondays

Out now on the music/culture blog  Music For Perfect People, the latest edition of Pop Shit, a weekly column about “pop music,” or whatever that happens to mean to the people behind  the column when they sit down to write it every Monday. This week:

Love vs Money is available to stream in full on imeem.

Musically, Dream and Tricky specialize in synthetic, expansive depth. There are vocals on this record that feel like they might be billion-tracked, both in the lead and backup positions. Lead single “Rockin’ That Thang” (”Rockin’ That Shit” on the dirty version) has a soaring non-verbal vocal hook in the chorus that is far more memorable than Dream singing the title phrase and elevates the song more or less into space. In “Put it Down” it’s the title that kills it, sung by an army of Dreams in call and response with the lead vocal. The beats are pretty ridiculous too, especially the bass drum-less “Fancy”, which in its six minutes goes through an idea truck’s worth of musical ideas and yet maintains a sense of space throughout.

Check out more “pop shit” amazingness at the Music For Perfect People archive.


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