Capitalism At It’s Most Illegal

A little extortion anyone?


“Don’t have a Fordham ID? Don’t worry.” It’ll only cost you 50 bucks.  Roughly $40,000 cheaper than what it cost me to get mine.

The Craigslist ad in full:

U2 is playing a secret concert this Friday (March 6) at Fordham University.

The concert is free for all Fordham students and faculty…. but you need a Fordham ID to get in.

Don’t have a Fordham ID? Don’t worry. Send me a response to this ad and I’ll let you know exactly how you can get one. If you send me a photo, I can get you a Fordham ID with your photo and your name for only $50.

This is not a scam, and you will not need to pay me anything until the Fordham ID is finished and in your hand to see. (I can’t go into more detail or else they’ll flag and remove my post!!! Talk to you via email.)

Craigslist: the best place to scalp ID’s and have other fun rendezvous this side of the inter-web.

To contact the mole at Fordham ID Services, email him at:



Something wrong at the Better Business Bureau? Fordham ID Services has slashed prices on its U2 “tickets” sale for this Friday’s “secret” show:


In related news, I just sold my ID to the highest bidder on Ebay, J. Wellington Wimpy, who will gladly pay me Tuesday for a hamburger today.

3 thoughts

  1. i’m just upset that, it being craigslist and all, the ad wasn’t “50 bucks or a killer BJ”.

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