Bono-gate Update!

U2 will be playing a full set for Fordham Students after they play their three songs for Good Morning America!!!

So for anyone willing to brush this whole U2 thing off, just cause they haven’t been good for a decade and they’d only be playing three songs from their new (shitty) album: there’s a hunk a shit to put in your pipe and smoke!


13 thoughts

  1. by the way, if you don’t want to eat your own shoe, I have my old pair of Timbs, I feel like leather’s easier to digest than rubber, and this way you’re not out a pair of shoes.

  2. Wait, you think U2 was good in 1999, Chuck? or 1989 for that matter? Did yall get a new Charles?

  3. It is official. ABC’s Eyewitness News said, on behalf of Good Morning America, that they will be performing live at Fordham. The cat is officially out of the bag (if only the admin will stop hiding it).

  4. The Law School Alums have been wondering who the speaker at the Alumni Luncheon on Saturday is (it is top secret). By the looks of things, it may be Bono.

  5. Look, once you get past the lyrics, the names, the sunglasses and the UN involvement, I still maintain that U2 put out some worthwhile albums in their overlong lifetime…


    So, what’s not to love there, Maciej?

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