Looks Like Next Friday Might Just Be A Good Day After All

Well if the following is true, and it’s purported to be so by America’s oldest continuously published newspaper, then you know what I’m doing Thursday night: Total Georgie Annihilation.

Blackout Thursday!!
Blackout Thursday!!

Professors have reportedly been told by the administration to cancel morning classes “for security reasons.” The band is expected to play at Fordham after appearing on “Good Morning America.”

Thanks Daddy Mac, I’ll add a third night to my weekend any way I can get it.

All in the name of “Fordham 2016: The Dream That Never Got Off The Ground.”  Man, now that the words out that Fordham is the type of school where U2 plays suprise gigs for Good Morning, America, I’m sure applications will shoot through the roof.

Look out Notre Dame, here we come. We got Bono!


P.S. Oh, and not to toot our own horn or anything, but:

Fordham’s newspaper, The Paper, has also confirmed the news, noting the band will play on the steps of the university’s famous Keating Hall.

That’s right. The fine folks at the Consequence of Sound know where the best place on the internet is to get the latest Fordham news and gossip (and a healthy dosage of opinion) — right here at the paper.

Stay tuned for the latest updates, as we continue to break: “Bono at the Gates: The Latest Publicity Stunt by the Attention Grabbing Whores Who Run This School Surprise Concert Venue.”

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