Lady GaGa Will NOT Be Performing at Spring Weekend

Sorry bros, glammy electro-icon Lady GaGa will not be playing this Spring Weekend opening for (shudder) Guster. News came today via facebook that despite a hard fought effort, Ms. GaGa has a scheduled show at a private party in England for that very same weekend.


2 thoughts

  1. Thank the lord Zarkflod himself!
    Listening to Lady GaGa is like watching my childhood dog being sodomized to death my an angry orangutan.
    “Risby, here boy! Riiisby! Oh my GOD! OH ZARKFLOD THEY’RE FUCKING HIM! TO DEATH!”
    just a few more months of this bullshit before GaGa does us all (me…and Risby) a favor by taking the road ALWAYS taken. And by that I mean, doing a copious amount of tainted cocaine and then fading into oblivion.

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