Production Weekend? More like Funduction WeekFun!

Well, production is winding down here at the offices of the paper. It’s been a long, and not unproductive weekend. The younger papiers are beginning to find their place in the print shop, the new team of editors is no longer as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Things are good. But, as with any production weekend, some things get left out along the way. Features Editor Alex Gibbon’s Mecha Ulysses was cut from an article on Robot Soldiers. A bit of hard work by myself and Executive Editor Bobby Cardos produced this gem about the recent Connecticut chimpanzee attack, but it was deemed “offensive” by our uptight Editor-in-Chief, Kate Murphy.

There’s some good content too in the upcoming issue. News features coverage of the Security workers, the baby drama all across the world, and of course the Connecticut chimp attack. Edits features two manifestos, one calling for the end of hope and the other for the creation of a Student union. Arts talks about the legacy of Hunter S. Thompson and the V-Day movement at Fordham, and Sports has been reduced to one page. Also keep your eyes peeled for the new cover, which many have described as “the best thing ever.” But most importantly, look after yourselves, and each other, and if you want to write for the paper come to the McGinley basement Tuesday night at 8 pm.  Come on downnnn!

2 thoughts

  1. “and Sports has been reduced to one page.”


    And the next time you idiots post something, try having functional links.

  2. Mecha Ulysses is the other best thing ever.
    Also, I would have approved that picture had I not heard that horrifying 911 call…….which I think you guys steered me towards. So it’s your fault.

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