Shit Just Got Real Part II

Guster will be playing Spring Weekend this year

still no word as to whether or not Lady GaGa will be opening.

In other news, Guster blows, fuck OSLCD for ruining my senior year with this tripe, AND SHIT JUST GOT REAL, AGAIN!

In other news, a new issue of the paper will be coming out this Wednesday!


9 thoughts

  1. from Wikipedia:

    “Guster is an American jangle pop band that is known for its live performances, humor, and cult following.”

    Jangle pop? Humor? Cult following… you mean like Juggalos?!

    This is going to be great, I cannot wait!

    Charles and I have been singing that and trying to place what the hell song it was from all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anytime, boss. I remember you asking about that in the caf the other day. I used to love that song.

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