Conservatives Make Convincing Case Against Freedom of Press

Well Chad Ciocci, the New York Post has officially beaten you to the punch in publishing the most astonishingly stupid and tasteless thing in our nacsent millenium:

delonaThis controversial turd was penned by Sean Delonas who has apparently been churning out similarly mindless conservative “editorial cartoons” for years now. The fact that this managed to “slip” by the Post’s crack editorial staff just goes to prove that the Rupert Murdoch owned rag is staffed with illiterate scum. You can see more of this young Hogarth’s masterpieces, here. And you can read about the villainous response the Post is giving to the brewing controversy, here (these fuckers had the balls to use this to cheap shot the down-and-out civil rights leader, Al Sharpton).

The main point of this fiasco is that this wretched cartoon (from, of course, a conservative mind) is just one more dump in a steaming pile of horse-shit that stands as evidence as to why the conservative viewpoint has no place in a modern society and belongs absolutely nowhere in an ethical media landscape. It is becoming startlingly obvious that media that upholds a “conservative” viewpoint is consistently lowdown, lecherous, vile, evil and outrageous.

Jesus Christ, this marks yet another low-point in Rupert Murdoch’s all out assault on media legitimacy.


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