B.Y.O.B. Mexican Gets Yuppie Approved

Despite the fact that it no longer allows you to cart in a 30 of Keystone to suck down with your chorizo burritos, Estrellita Poblana III will always be known as BYOB Mexican to all Fordhamites. For those not in the know, BYOB is the little Mexican place that sticks out like a sore thumb on the psuedo-Italian haven of Arthur Avenue; and if you haven’t been there yet, you should make it a point to go tonight. You see, four years of college has taught me that nothing in this world is better than home made mole sauce and $2 beers with a Fordham ID at a resteraunt.

There's something eerily familiar about this photo...

As it turns out, Fordham students might not be the only people who enjoy great Mexican food at reasonable prices, as The Villiage Voice has appearently churned out the most absurdly glowing review of our favorite sit down eatery nearly a year ago. You can read that review, here.


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